Originating in 2023, Buried Revenge is a fitness & lifestyle clothing brand. Our clothing is inspired by current streetwear styles along with the current and golden era of the bodybuilding culture. 

Our aesthetic reflects the trials and tribulations of a brutal and sometimes, dark journey through life while also putting an emphasis on personal growth and development through what one has experienced.
All of us have subjects buried within us that we are not proud of and that we struggle with. Whether that be a lack of confidence, body dysmorphia, trauma, injury, or mental health; we all have our own demons.
This is where all of that is left behind and used as catalysts to become a better version of yourself, for yourself. Not letting those subjects shape you into who you are and who you can potentially be.
Showing up, each and every day, regardless of the circumstance and what you have been through.
Seeking REVENGE on the past that is BURIED behind us and the subjects within it.
Buried Revenge, Bury the Past & Seek Revenge.